Dwayne Easton

How Effective Are Deer Whistles To Avoid Vehicle Collisions?

Despite having been a driver for nearly 50 years, I have never been in a deer-vehicle collision. Though, I have had a few near misses. Michael Conover from Utah State University says that up to 1.5 million drivers are NOT as fortunate each year. Several methods have been suggested to reduce deer-vehicle collisions. These include highway fencing, …

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The Rule Of Threes

There are four main rules to remember when it comes survival. These rules will help you prepare for an emergency. The simplicity of these rules should also help you keep your eyes on the task at hand. These rules can help you live, even if you are not in critical condition. The human being can generally survive …

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Hunting Kangaroo

Every year, millions of kangaroos in Australia are shot by professional “Roo Shooters.” Recreational hunters can obtain permits and tags in some states to hunt kangaroos. A friend of mine is a Queensland resident and in 2018, I get to see him in action. My friend also have 20 tags that allow him to take a …

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