Carbon Express Intercept Axon Crossbow Review

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What do you get with this Crossbow?

  • The Carbon Express Intercept Axon crossbow
  • 4×32 top class glass-etched reticle lighted scope
  • Assembly hardware and tools you need
  • 3-bolt quiver
  • 3 Maxima Blue Streak arrows that serve your purpose
  • Rope cocking device as an extra advantage
  • Rail lube
  • Owner’s manual to understand the nitty gritty of the crossbow
  • Warranty card

Assembly of the Crossbow

How accurate and powerful is the Carbon Express Intercept?

Once sighted in, you will have to put the Intercept Axon through its paces, testing the crossbow at 25, 40, 50, and even 70 yards. From 25 yards, you will be able to hit such tight groupings that it will actually break your arrows. From a greater distance also, you will be able to get very accurate hits.

Your actual results will vary slightly, however, depending on the weather conditions and vary significantly with the change of arrow weight .

What to Expect When Hunting With the Intercept Axon

While being a bit heavy, it still has a very compact design, with a total  width of only 13.5” when cocked. That makes this crossbow ideal for hunting from tree stand or ground blind, and the color and design will ensure that this crossbow won’t be seen from far.

Once I took this crossbow on a hunting trip and managed to take down a buffalo with the Intercept Axon, and the shot pierced through the animal’s body and it stumbled forward a few steps and then dropped down dead.

Cocking The Intercept Axon crossbow

This crossbow requires 175 pounds to draw, so we do recommend that you use a rope-cocking device. The included rope-cocking device decreases the effort required to cock the crossbow down to around 90 lbs, and ensures a consistent pull on the string. The cams work perfectly, and the automatic safety and anti-dry fire mechanisms work perfectly for every shot.

The Crossbow Scope included

Arrows that you get with the Intercept crossbow

When you unbox the Intercept Axon, you’ll find that Crossbow has included 3 Maxima Bluestreak 20” arrows. These are some of the finest arrows that Carbon Express manufactures and they shoot straight and even with every shot. You may switch off to some other arrows if you want, provided, of course, they belong to the same specifications.

Safety and Design

Everything about this crossbow smacks of quality, from the build of the crossbow to the safety features it is endowed with. This crossbow is designed to accept AR-15 accessories, so you can swap out the stock , if you so wish. You also get a healthy 29” worth of Picatinny rail for adding additional accessories, which you can improvise according to your wish.

The carbon-infused limbs are tough and durable, and the CNC-machined risers and premium alloy cam sets are as smooth as silk. The stock is collapsible, allowing you to extend or retract the buttstock to match your own physical structure and the clothes you are wearing.

The trigger pull is light and steady, and the automatic safety mechanism works perfectly for every shot. The same is true of the anti-dry fire mechanism, which will keep you and your crossbow perfectly safe at all situation.

Warranty of the Carbon Express Intercept Crossbow

Carbon Express Intercept Axon Crossbow Review – Summary