Ten Point Venom Crossbow Review

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Ten Point Venom Crossbow package with ACU50

Thinking of purchasing a Ten Point Venom Crossbow? We’ve reviewed the ins and outs of this product so that you can make an informed decision whether this is the ideal item to add to your hunting arsenal.

    Assembling the Ten point crossbow

    Assembling the Ten Point Venom is fast and easy. At first, you will have to attach cable saver to the cables, and then you will have to attach the riser to the stock, securing it with the main bolt and the included Allen wrench. After that, you are required to attach the foot stirrup and mount the scope. Finally, you are supposed to attach the included quiver to your crossbow, and you’re good to go. I had my Venom ready to shoot within half an hour after unboxing the brand new crossbow.

    Let’s jump right in, shall we? Each package delivered by Ten Point comprises the following items:

    • Ten Point Venom Crossbow
    • Acu Draw cocking aid for your help
    • Assembly hardware—all that is necessary
    • Bowjax limb vibration dampeners for better accuracy
    •  outstanding Range Master Pro scope
    • 3-arrow quick-detach quiver
    • 6 Ten Point Pro Elite arrows
    • Instruction Manual to assist you
    • Warranty Card for the crossbow
    • Sample tube of rail oil

    Accuracy and strength

    The performance of this crossbow is absolutely stunning, like most of Ten Point’s products. Sighting in the scope of TenPoint Venom is a breeze a cinch because you will find that it is already zeroed in right out of the box. When I started aiming at the targets, my groupings at 25 and 30 yards were so tight I almost split a couple of arrows.

    How powerful this crossbow depends on the weight of the  arrows you use. I was using 425-grain arrows, and the force of  the arrow was so much that it passed through the body of the target straightaway. According  to the numbers, that arrow flew at 355 fps and hit with 120 ft. lbs. of kinetic energy.

    How good is the Ten Point Venom for hunting?

    With the amount of power generated by the arrows, the Ten Point Venom is good enough to take down  any legal game in the entire American continent. Its short and compact size makes it easy to maneuver around the woods and in any hunting spots on or above the ground level, and the light weight of the crossbow means you won’t be breaking your neck and shoulders after continuously carrying it for several hours.

    This crossbow has served me and my friends extremely well on several hunting expeditions, including a beer and a Cape buffalo.  Let me tell you that the buffalo didn’t even know what hit him when my arrow pierced through his chest like a knife cutting through a cake. He stumbled and tottered for a few yards before dropping down dead.

    Kinetic Energy Of The Ten Point  Venom

    So, with how much power will a 425-grain arrow fly at 352 fps actually generate when it hits the target? This is the area where the TenPoint Venom truly stands out because it has both fantastic accuracy and power behind each shot. From the point blank range, the arrows generally hit with an amazing 120 ft. lbs. of kinetic energy. Even though you lose some power with every 10 yards beyond point blank range, this still means that your typical 30-yard shot will smash into the target with more than 100 plus ft. lbs. of KE. This is more than enough power to take down even the strongest and the toughest game in America or Canada—the grizzly bear or the Cape buffalo, which is in league with the Barnett Outdoors Brotherhood and the Excalibur Axiom SMF.

    Cocking The Ten Point Venom

    With 185 pounds of draw weight, this crossbow will really break your back if you don’t use a cocking device of some kind to draw the string. Fortunately, Ten Point has included its ACU draw rope-cocking device, which makes drawing the string a very easy affair. In fact, I’ve become so adept that I can have it cocked and get it ready to fire within 10 seconds.

    The Crossbow Scope

    Ten Point’s Range Master Pro scope is truly a world class product. It gives you duplex crosshairs above two black dots at various aiming points. The dots can be illuminated red or green with the movement of a dial, and the brightness of the scope can be easily adjusted between five different settings according to your choice or requirement.

    The multicoated optics can be magnified from 1.5X to a maximum of 5X, and the light transmission on this scope is absolutely out of the world. Every shot taken is clean and accurate, and the scope is just as useful in low light conditions as well as it is in bright daylight.

    The scope sights in quite easily, and holds its position even after a lot of bumping around in MUV or pickup vehicles. With this crossbow, you will never have to replace the scope with a better one, because the included scope excels most other scopes available on the market.


    The Pro Elite arrows included with the Ten Point Venom are specially designed by Easton for the Venom. They are equipped with Omni-Nocks with three bowstring channels to help diminish technical problems. The arrows are strong and durable, and you will find them quite straight and accurate when I hit the target.

    TenPoint recommends 20” arrows for the Venom, and ships the bow with 425-grain arrows. You can run with the included arrows, or go up to 545-grain full metal jacket arrows, if you want to increase the fire power.

    Safety and Design of the crossbow

    The bullpup stock on the TenPoint Venom is, quite evidently,  comfortable and easy to hold, and the crossbow lacks the frontal heaviness –-a shortcoming which most crossbows are afflicted with. The trigger pull is light and smooth and its break is exactly where you want it to be.

    The anti-dry fire mechanism and safety work every time without any flaw, and this crossbow is basically a dream machine for seasoned crossbow hunters.

    Warranty of The Ten Point Venom

    Ten Point provides a limited lifetime warranty on all of its crossbows, but you are required to fill out and return the included warranty card within one month of purchasing the crossbow in order to avail of the benefit the warranty. Ten Point’s customer service is top class, and the service managers always wear  a friendly smile and more than eager to resolve any problem you might come across with your crossbow.

    Ten Point Venom Crossbow Review – Final Analysis

    We are happy that you have gone through the Ten Point Venom Crossbow review. It is such a good product that we found it difficult to point out any major flaw or disadvantage in the design or performance of this powerful product. You might check some of the best crossbows on the market today to learn more about them. This crossbow is an extraordinary purchase, and will provide years of pleasure both on the shooting range and in the hunting ground. You can only say yes to this crossbow which is rated as one of the best in the world. Go for it right now!