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Born and raised in San Antonio- New Braunfels Texas. I was brought into this world by two very supportive parents who I love dearly.  My father a big Hunter and fisherman and also my biggest hero who raised me in the great outdoors teaching me all he knew. I will never forget the look of joy on my father’s face as I opened my first hunting rifle on my 12th birthday (many moons ago now!).

The Best Day Of My Life 

We jumped into the truck and headed off to try it out and from that day i was crazy about Hunting and living off the land. Every chance we had we would go camping. Any pocket money i earned or birthday/ thanksgiving money I would buy Cammo, Ammo, Bows, Hunting Knives, Scopes and more Rifles. It quickly became my passion.

Since then I have married and also have a beautiful daughter who just turned 12, she’s not much of a hunter though. I travel around as much as possible to different states and occasionally abroad with friends in all seasons hunting moose, Elks, caribou, reindeer, musk oxen, deer, bighorn sheep, mountain oat pronghorn, bears, wild boars and more.

I love taking people outdoors who have never experienced the thrill of hunting and teaching them the skills my father taught me and the new skills and have learned from my experiences. Letting them use my array hunting weapons and showing them my techniques.

With Hunter.guide I offer free guides and tutorials on hunting & hunting equipment. With years of experience in hunting and working with so many tools for hunting different animals, I will offer you the best advice I can.

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Happy hunting

Dwayne Easton