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We Review the Barnett Predator Crossbow

Last Updated on May 13, 2023 by Dwayne Easton

Package Contents

Welcome to the Barnett Predator Crossbow review where we are discussing the pros and cons of this popular model. The Barnett Predator is a powerful weapon that shoots arrows at 375 fps with 125 ft. lbs. of kinetic energy. Each package delivered includes the following items:

  • The Barnett Predator Crossbow
  • 4 x 32mm crossbow scope
  • Quick-detach quiver
  • 3 20” arrows with field tips

Assembling The Crossbow

Barnett Predator Crossbow

Putting the Barnett Predator together is an easy task like most Barnett models. You just have to screw the prod to the stock and tighten the bolts, and then install the included 4 x 32mm crossbow scope.From start to finish, it will take about 10 minutes to have this beautiful crossbow ready to shoot.

Accuracy and Power

The Barnett Predator can hurl arrows at 375 fps. These arrows smash  into your target with a huge 125 ft. lbs. of kinetic energy, a notch faster than the Barnett Outdoors Brotherhood. When you are having a crossbow with this much power, you will have to ensure that you do your practice shooting at a safe archery range, preferably with a foam target.

Once you have the scope sighted in, it is time to  test the crossbow’s accuracy. From 30 yards away, your arrows are extremely accurate. When you move out to 50 yards, it is obvious that that you will expect the accuracy to fall off sharply, but, surprisingly enough, you will find that even from that distance the arrows are still capable of hitting the target with unfailing accuracy.

Your actual results, however, will vary slightly depending on weather conditions, and significantly changes with the change of arrow weight.

Hunting: What You Can Expect

The Barnett Predator fires its arrows with 125 ft. lbs. of energy, at a speed close to or exceeding 375 fps. This speed and energy is definitely good enough for hunting down smaller games to larger ones, such as deer, elk, black bears, and moose. Since this crossbow does not include a padded sling, you should do well to buy a padded sling; it will save you a lot of trouble carrying this crossbow through the bush.

While I was  out hunting with the Predator with a few of my hunter friends, I came across a deer almost inviting me to take a shot at her. I aimed at the animal and fired, and the arrow clearly pierced through the bones and muscles from a distance of 30 yards. At that close range, the arrow hit the game with so much power that it could hardly move  another 25 yards before dropping down dead.

Kinetic Energy Generated by The Barnett Predator

Now, let us ask the question that is often asked in a Barnett predator review:  how much kinetic energy does the Barnett Predator produce? Well, if you are using 400-grain arrows, the Predator will shoot each arrow at around 375 FPS. This means the arrows will hit the target with roughly 122 ft. lbs. of kinetic energy, which is powerful enough to take down even the toughest buffalo or the grizzly bear. You’ll, however, lose some of the KE at longer ranges, to the tune of around 2 ft. lbs. for every yard out from point blank range. This still leaves you with enough power to eliminate any game you come across in the woods of North America.

Cocking The Barnett Predator: Is it easy?

Cocking the Predator is easy enough, if you use some kind of cocking device. Many of the models come without a cocking device and you have to buy them separately. But if you’re spending so much money on the crossbow alone, it really pays to spend some more to get a hand crank cocking device; it makes cocking the bow much easier.

The hand crank cocking device installs quite smoothly on the butt stock, and you are just required to move two screws in order to install the device. It works very well, and includes both a click mode and a non-click mode, depending on your preference and ability to draw back the string.

Drawing this model back by hand would pose a real challenge even to a strongman, since it has 175 pounds of draw weight the same with the Carbon Express Intercept Axon Crossbow. With the rope cocking device, though, it pulls back smoothly and easily and is ready to shoot within a few seconds.

The Crossbow Scope

The scope included with the Barnett Predator is a medium-quality 4 x 32mm scope, which will probably be close to sighted when you unpack the box. Most probably, you will have to make a few minor adjustments before you are ready to shoot. The scope stays sighted in quite reliably, so you should only have to sight it in once a season.


Barnett ships the Predator with 3 22” arrows at 400 grain, but these arrows are low-quality aluminum and bend quite easily. So, we suggest that you get the Easton Carbon Raider Platinum arrows for yourself, and you will be quite happy to see how the Barnett Predator handles them.

Safety and Design

The Barnett Predator is small but stout. The bow weighs right at 9 pounds and measures two feet wide by 37.75” long. Once you add a padded sling, you will be able to carry the bow for several hours without much pain or discomfort.

The butt stock on the Predator is fairly adjustable, and can be removed easily to attach the optional hand crank cocking device. The pistol grip is carefully designed and fits in comfortably in large, medium or small hands. The trigger pull is a light 3.5 lbs and pulls back smoothly.

The only real bad part of this Barnett crossbow is the string that comes with it. For some strange reason whatsoever, Barnett crossbows tend to break strings quickly. After firing a few more than a dozen shots, you will notice that the string is fraying. You can, however, contact Barnett for an immediate replacement. As we have seen from our past experiences, Barnett will be quick to send you a replacement string, and will not charge you anything for the new string.

Warranty offered

Barnett covers all of its crossbows with a 5-year warranty, and this covers the stock, trigger mechanism and limb assembly, but does not cover string failures or failures due to misuse. That being said, Barnett has been very accommodative in the past when we complained about string failures right after the purchase. Since they have realized that their crossbows are string-breakers, they try their best to make their customers happy with their service.

Crossbow Case That Fits The Barnett Predator

The first choice of most crossbow hunters is the Barnett Case (Model 17083) which is roughly about $53. This soft case accommodates the Barnett Predator and its accessories comfortably. Another popular soft case is the Carbon Express Deluxe Case which costs about $66. You can get either of them to put your crossbow in.

Barnett Predator Crossbow Review – Summary

We are glad that you have gone through this Barnett Predator crossbow review. This crossbow, needless to say, is a very well-made crossbow, a perfect combination of beauty and power, and will provide you with years of service. If you want to learn more about other popular crossbows in the market, check our home page.This is one crossbow that always has enjoyed a high rating among the crossbow hunters and is also regarded as one of the most popular models in Amazon. Many crossbow enthusiasts all over the world prefer this crossbow for hunting in the woods. Grab this crossbow before it flies off the shelf!