We review the Wicked Ridge Invader G3 Crossbow

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The wicked ridge invader G3 is one of the most popular crossbows available on the market today and perhaps one of the most craftily designed crossbows – so who wouldn’t be interested in this beaut? In this article, we tell all you need to no before deciding to invest in this weapon.

A winner of the Best Value Award from Petersen’s Hunting, the Wicked Ridge Invader G3 crossbow is a durable, well-designed and high –performance crossbow. Reasonably priced to suit most pockets, this crossbow performs superbly and its design matches its capability. Easy to draw and not noisy, this crossbow can take down any buck, or hit every target on the practice field with unfailing precision. If you go through the Wicked Ridge Invader G3 crossbow review, you will understand why this product is so  highly rated by most professional hunters.

Wicked Ridge by TenPoint Invader G3 Crossbow Package with ACU-52: specifications

  •  It has smooth HP cams and Ten Point’s powerful HL Limbs
  • The draw weight is 180 pounds
  • This crossbow is 25.25″ wide, the stock length is 38″ and it weighs 7 pounds only
  • It has an instant detach quiver and comes with three aluminum arrows made by wicked ridge and they are perfectly compatible with the product
  • It shoots an arrow at a speed of 315 FPS
  • It also comes with a sling.

You may buy it with a different range of arrows, and some items will come with a case. Normally,  the more accessories your get for yourself, the better is the deal for you. However, you will have to make sure that you don’t end up buying unnecessary accessories to get a better bargain.

Invader G3 Build

Weighing only 6.6 pounds, the redesigned and refurbished Invader G3 crossbow is tough, lightweight, and fairly easy to handle. Whether you are targeting a deer or doing a shooting practice, this bow will ensure that none of your shot are wasted. The black limbs are tough enough to handle rough hunting conditions, and at the same time sturdy enough to provide plenty of stability and support for the aluminum riser. The limbs also include Ten Point’s energy wheel which ensures a smooth and easy draw.

The aluminum riser is carefully crafted to limit weight and the cutouts are strategically placed to provide further strength. Combined with the sturdy limbs and energy wheel, this crossbow becomes a mean machine capable of generating a speed of 330 feet per second. This gives you enough speed to take care of the fastest prey.

Design of the wicked ridge invader

While you want a crossbow which is fast and powerful, it must also have a stylish and functional design that make it easy to handle. The Invader G3 can be assembled in seconds and the company offers detailed instructions for you to follow the simple steps. The scope that comes with it is also good enough to make it easy to sight, which is always an advantage irrespective of whether you are an inexperienced tyro or a crack professional.

Safety is of primary concern if you are handling crossbows, and the Wicked Ridge Invader G3 is designed keeping safety in mind. The partially skeletal stock looks awesome, while it also works to enhance safety and functionality. It is designed to keep your hand safely below the string and at the same time minimizing any additional weight on the stock. The fore grip is longer on the Invader G3 and its new-look design includes reinforced safety wings. Constructed from a durable nylon material, it will ensure your safety when you are drawing and releasing the bow-string.

Wicked Ridge Invader G3 Performance

There is nothing dislikable about the performance capabilities of this crossbow. Capable of speeds up to 330 feet per second, the powerful of the limbs, riser and energy wheel give you a safe and smooth performance. The 19 inch axel is comfortable for most archers and the 165 pound draw weight pulls smoothly and comfortably. Since this crossbow gives a smooth and powerful performance, it is really hard to believe that this crossbow can be purchased at such an affordable price.

What matches the high-quality performance of this crossbow is the crafty design of this product. The smooth draw assembly ensures that each pull glides seamlessly without any hitch. The arrow also releases noiselessly, which is always appreciated by most hunters. With the crossbow’s high-tech design, you can easily zero in on your prey for an accurate killing shot.

Features of the  wicked ridge invaderG3

Some of the attractive features that helped the  Wicked Ridge Invader G3 to earn its best-value award include its dry fire inhibitor and powerful T2 trigger. The dry fire inhibitor works to prevent expensive damage to the bow that can undermine its accuracy and performance. The 3.5 pound trigger has a smooth and tight feel and is easy to pull without being too soft.

The camouflage-patterned bow also includes the ACU-52 cocking system which is a bit similar to another one of our favorites TenPoint Venom Crossbow & Tenpoint Vapor Crossbow‘s ACU cocking systems, and everything you need for hunting. The 3x scope is easy to adjust for shots at 30 or 40 yards, though it should be mentioned that it can fast become hazy in damp conditions. The quiver given with this crossbow is quite convenient and will help you keep track of the 20-inch carbon arrows, which at 3,400 grain are powerful enough to pierce through muscle and bone of your target.

Final analysis

Designed for high speed and performance, the Invader G3 crossbow offers hunters  a good value for their money. This is an excellent crossbow for beginners as well as for experienced hunters. It provides a smooth and performance and the crafty design makes it capable of generating a  speed up to 330 feet per second. And it has a draw rate of 165 pounds that can be easily pulled by almost everyone, weak or strong.

Since the bow is designed with safety as its primary concern, it is ideal for beginners just learning the tricks of the trade as well as for those who have many years of hunting experience.  The redesigned Invader G3 provides you with great speed and performance and Ten Point is well-known for its lightweight design and ease of use. we are sure that the Wicked ridge Invader G3 crossbow review has given you enough information so that you may decide whether to buy this kind of top-notch crossbows  or settle for another.

A crossbow which has got a lot of awards behind its belt, the Tenpoint  Invader G3 is a  reliable and top performing crossbow and you can procure it without much deliberation because if you purchase it, you will be one of the proud owners of a product which a great number of hunters have already endorsed.