Ravin R20 Crossbow Review Of Best Sniper Package

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Ravin R20 Crossbow Package Review

The Ravin R20 is on our radar because, well, it’s a cut above the rest. In this article, we’ll tell you all you need to know about this bow, then you can decide for yourself if you’d like to add it to your hunting arsenal. 

In its endless quest for higher speed and rifle-like precision, Ravin has reached a new high with this model. The pure power of the R20 comes from a brilliant advance in HeliCoil™ technology – a 13-inch power plant that generates 430 SPF and 164 feet of kinetic energy.

If running and jumping or hunting in confined spaces are your style, the R20 is the crossbow for you. It is the smallest Ravine ever manufactured, with only 34.5 and a tilting force of only 6.8 pounds. Don’t be fooled by the compact size of the Ravine: The mighty R20 generates 400 FPS with devastating accuracy in downhill runs. It comes with an Illuminated rifle range Integrated clamping device, Fire safety/car fire protection Integrated sling mounting.

The R20 measures only six inches from the axis to the axis when it is activated. Add to this a rapid speed of over 400 feet per second, and you have a crossbow that can cause a stir in the woods and on the ground.

Another unique feature is the railless system. The arrow does not rest on a rail. There is roller support on the front of the crossbow. The back of the outrigger uses a lock-in nock. This is very similar to a composite bow. This secures the arrow in the release system.

Unlike most crossbows, which are available with or without a crank, the Ravine R20 is only available with a crank. This is due to its unique release system, which moves on the rope when the crossbow is unhooked. This ensures that the line is always placed from its center, increasing accuracy. Another key feature of the Ravin crank system is the clutch integrated into the crank. This mechanism prevents the crossbow from overhanging.

The R20 is super compact, making it perfect for almost any hunting situation, whether it’s ground blinds, watchtowers, treestands, or spot-and-shoot conditions.

Manufacturers obtain this weight by removing the crossbow. However, the actual weight of the crossbow with all accessories, including the scope, quiver, and arrows, is 8.8 pounds. This may not be easy when compared to the weight indicated by other crossbows. But when it comes to the actual weight, the R20 is one of the lightest crossbows with a crank we have ever weighed. Most crank crossbows weigh nearly 10 pounds.

We shot the R20 more than ten times through the chronograph at speeds of 400 to 405 feet per second. It’s above the announced rate of the crossbow. The weight of the trigger on the test model we pulled was 3.2 pounds, which is about the average of the current model. The sight is illuminated and offers speed compensation. Nine targets give shooters scores from 20 to 100 meters.

The Ravine R20 has proven its worth on the track. I shot five groups with three arrows from a bench at 30 meters. The groups were all less than 1.5 inches long, with the blades of the arrows touching each other. Remember, it’s not locked, so a human element is involved. But the consistency was excellent and typical of a top-of-the-range crossbow.

We also tested the nock system. Ravin crossbows use a patented nock system that locks into the rope. The exciting part of the system is that it allows the dry fire protection mechanism to be placed behind the cord, not in front, as most other crossbows do. This virtually eliminates the possibility of a dry fire. I tried to make a dry fire by not wholly fixing the arrow on the string (you are supposed to hear an audible click). The crossbow wouldn’t fire without pushing the arrow all the way. The Ravine can also be decocked without firing. You can find detailed instructions about making this bow in the manual.

You are probably wondering now what the negative aspects of the Ravin R20 are. Well, they’ve thought of pretty much everything in the design. The apparent disadvantage of the crossbow is its price. If the price range is outside your price range, you can hardly think of getting one, no matter how cool it is. Also, keep in mind that the Ravin R20 cannot be used in a standard bow press, so most small archery stores can probably not do much with an R20 unless they have sold it.

One of the major complaints we have seen online is accuracy. Ravin mentioned this earlier this year when they switched from Gold Tip arrows to Black Eagle Arrows. I think part of the gossip on this subject is due to Ravin’s marketing. The manufacturers have marketed the R20 as a 100-yard weapon and praised its rifle-like look.

Many people buy it with the idea that it works like a rifle. But you should never forget that it is nothing more than a piece of archery equipment that requires a good deal of training to be effective.

The wind can strongly influence arrows. Although the R20 is an incredible device, its maximum effective range for most shooters, in our opinion, will be less than 60 yards. It takes a lot of skill and time to shoot beyond 60 yards, and in our opinion, even if you can reach targets at 100 yards, it is not ethically justifiable to take the game at that distance.

The performance and comfort of the Ravin R20 crossbow are unsurpassed in the world of crossbows. With rapid speeds, powerful kinetic energy, and reproducible accuracy, this world-class crossbow easily dominates the competition, and its compact and lightweight design makes it suitable for virtually any big game hunting situation.

The only major drawback of this masterpiece of engineering and design is the high price tag. Despite the superior performance of the R20 Sniper, the price is well below the average shooter’s budget. However, if money is not a problem and you want the best of the best, you should bring this crossbow home with a smile on your face.

In summary, the Ravin R20 is an incredible crossbow. If your budget allows, you should consider this crossbow on your shortlist of possible crossbows that you might consider buying. Though it came to the market in the early part of this year, it still sells very well and is regarded as one of the top-rated crossbows on the market today.

Wrapping Up

In this article, we’ve described why we are obsessed with the Ravin 20 bow. Although it’s quite pricy, its speed is like no other – securing a top spot on our must-buy list.