Best Affordable Rangefinder Film Camera

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Best Affordable Rangefinder Film Cameras 2021

Not sure how to make sense of all the rangefinder film cameras on the market? Not to fret, we’ve done all the digging to make sure that you make an informed decision before adding one to your hunting bag. Let’s get started!

Editors Choice

Bushnell Engage 1300

2nd Choice

TecTecTec Pro Wild

3rd Choice

Bushnell Bone Collector

Bushnell Engage 1300

A hunter has to face conditions like mud, rain and other junk as there’s no such thing as hunting in sparkly-clean environment. Bushnell Engage 1300 is a solid rangefinder camera right for varmint hunters. Engage 1300 has features good for both bow hunters and rifle hunters. The rangefinder avoids the damage as it is completely water proof and works well in rain.
The 24mm objective lens, larger than other rangefinders, is 2X brighter. This is helpful at the times of dawn and dusk as they provide true-to-life coloured vision. The Engage 1300 has the multi-coated lens with a reflective range of 1300 yards. It means that it can measure distance 800 yards to trees and 600 yards to deer with +/- 1 yards accuracy.
The Angle Range Compensation technology is specially designed for terrain angles, making you able to have accurate distance to the target. The Bushnell Engage 1300 features different modes depending on your ranging needs. The “Bush Mode” is to range small animals obscured by foliage. The “Bulls Eye Mode” is activated to avoid other objects in the background while ranging. To target the farthest animal, “Brush Mode” is used. It comes with a CR2 battery, carrying case, a wrist and a neck strap while weighing 6.9 oz only.

Bushnell Engage 1300
[4.8 out of 5]


  • ARC technology for terrain angles
  • EXON barrier coating for clear vision
  • Features different modes
  • 1-year warranty


  • Difficult to accurately range smaller targets

TecTecTec Pro Wild

TecTecTec Pro Wild is a must have in the tool belt of every hunter. With the facility of matching print with a carrying bag, it is a pretty cool device. Pro Wild is light weight, water-proof, portable, and equipped with advanced technology. One of the unique features of this product is that it measures distance and speed at the same time.
With the distance range of 540 yards, TecTecTec Pro Wild is a premium product with an accuracy of +/- 1 yard. The rangefinder camera is lightweight, portable, and accurately measures both the distance and speed of your target. One of the outstanding features is the SPEED, SCAN and HUNT technology. This advanced speed technology provides speed measurements either in meters per second or yards per second.
With a pretty decent lens display, the multi-layered optics provides fast measurements with easy read. This product also features a double housing making it water and dust resistant. Its compact design is well-suited for outdoor activities like hunting, hiking and caping. Its outer camouflage does not fade easily with harsh weathers. This is crucial for blending into different hunting areas. TecTecTec provides 2 years warranty and life time customer support.

TecTecTec pro wild
[4.8 out of 5]


  • Measures distance and speed at the same time
  • High magnification with ultra-clear display
  • Highly durable
  • Good quality optics for the price


  • High maintenance cost

Bushnell Bone Collector

Bushnell Bone Collector may not be the fanciest rangefinder but hunters trust this product for its simplicity. Its easy-to-read LCD display gives you an instantaneous range data by simply pushing the button. The high quality optics, in Bone Collector, provide outstanding HD clarity. The crystal clear optics, with 4X magnification, brings you closer to your trophy.
The LCD displays accurate distance in the range of 10 to 600 yards. It also provides an accuracy of +/- 1 yard. The range may not be impressive by modern standards but it is suitable for rifle hunters and bow hunters. Bushnell Bone Collector is well suited for deer hunting for its average shooting range.
The iconic and durable design, with Bushnell’s symbolic logo, has the highest durability. The light weight housing is built to withstand rough and rainy conditions. The RealTree Xtra Camo feature makes the rangefinder hard to spot.

Bushnell Bone Collector
[4.8 out of 5]


  • Water-resistant housing
  • Quality LCD display
  • Measures distance in yards/meters


  • Does not come with a 9V battery

I was 14 years old when I first received the Junior License for hunting. I still remember that day in October when I went out to hunt with my father after receiving it. He was still fit at the age of thirty five. The purpose of that memorable trip was for me to master the basics. My father believed that shooting a target with a rangefinder camera makes you a better shooter. Our personal pick has always been Bushnell Engage 1300. We started moving to find our targets in the Rocky Mountains. I was pretty impatient at that age. That is why I stood up right in half an hour and started moving naturally toward a white-tail deer we spotted. Engage 1300 was attached to my rifle, so I was anticipating the shot before even making it. The range finder provided a great field of vision, hence I was able to make a perfect shot at once. It was a memorable day for me since I got to keep my father’s rifle with the rangefinder from that day on.

Are rangefinder cameras worth it?

Rangefinder cameras are definitely worth it. They provide high quality images. Rangefinder cameras and their lens are smaller as well as lighter. They are useful because they have no shutter lag. A few people consider rangefinder cameras not worthy because as a beginner, you must be technically trained in order to use them. But you will not regret using them while learning the basics of hunting. They need constant service and concentration.

Are rangefinder cameras hard to use?

Rangefinder cameras look very cool but in case of usage, it is very hard and complicated to use. The hunters who use these rangefinder cameras, must be technically trained. These rangefinder cameras require person’s perfection in work and need complete attention during film making.

Do film cameras have mirrors?

Most of the range finder film cameras use metal shutter as well as a cloth plane shutter. They do not need a moving mirror as the shutter is a bit quieter and there is no ‘blackout’. Hunters use range finders for a fluid and quicker approach to their shot. This makes most range finders different from SLRs.

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