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Best Crossbow For Deer Hunting

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Best Crossbow for Deer Hunting

(10) Ravin R10

• Length: 33 inches
• Weight: 6.8 Lbs
• Projecting speed: 400 FPS

Pros Cons

. Compact • Expensive

• Consistent and accurate

. Illuminated scope

. Automatic safety and anti-dry fire

(9) Barnett Ghost 375 Crossbow

• Durable, lightweight, and accurate.
• Its compact design
• Retractable underarm counter-balance system
• Allows integration of a crank cocking device with a wicked ridge.
• Speed: 385fps
• Draw weight: 160lbs
• Weight: 7.1lbs
• Anti-vibration technology

Pros Cons

• High maximum speed • Quality of accessories needs improvement

• Accuracy • No cocking mechanism

• Barnett’s 5-in-1 safety firing system

• Adjustable scope

(8) Barnett Wildcat C5


• Most powerful crossbow in the market.
• Easy to apply all parts of this crossbow together even for beginners.
• It only takes a maximum of 15 minutes to get the crossbow ready.

Pros Cons

• Comfortable to use for long hours without restraining . The scope can't be accurate at close range

. Affordable for newbies

. Light in weight but still maintains its superpowers

If you are looking for a cheap crossbow containing all essential features that a typical hunter needs, go for this Barnett Wildcat C5.

(7) Ten Point Stealth NXT Crossbow Package

• Speed: 410 fps
• Weight: 7.3 lbs.
• Length: 33.6.”
• Power Stroke: 13.5″
TenPoint has made this crossbow suitable to be used in a restricted environment. It has a very smooth trigger, and it produces a quiet shot. Even though this crossbow is on the expensive side, it is worth the money.

(6) Barnett 78134 Recruit Tactical Compound

• The reason why this crossbow is quite popular and widely used among most hunters nowadays is because of its impressive design and tactical functions.
• Anti-dry fire trigger system and a trigger-tech trigger technology make it powerful and exceptional compared to other crossbows.
• It has a draw weight of 130 lbs.
• Fires at a speed of 330 feet per second ensure distant kills.
• The package comes with a 4×32 scope, rope cocking device, arrows, and a quiver.

Pros Cons

• Easing shooting . Poor rope cocking design

• Sturdy Handle

• Compatible with cost

• Distant kill is possible

• Perfect design

Crossbow for deer hunting

(5) Ten Point Turbo GT

• Draw Weight: 175 lbs enough to kill small/ medium games.
• Travel Speed: 360 FPS, which can penetrate any type of deer.
• This crossbow is highly recommended if you aspire to have a powerhouse of a crossbow capable of killing any kind of deer or some larger game.
• Installed Rope Cocker makes it so much easier to make it ready for your next shot.
• It is also the most expensive option in this listing.
• This bow also comes with options including ACU draw, same as Wicked Ridge Invader crossbow.
• It comes with an x3 normal view scope that makes it easy enough to hunt at short to mid-range.
• Three carbon arrows 20 inches long with three a three arrow quiver include used in package.

Pros Cons

• Outstanding quality and durability . Very expensive

• The arrows have a high speed.

• It makes the use of a rope cocker.

• It has a safety switch.

(4) Center Point Sniper 370

• It is quite easy to use and convenient to carry around for lightweight design and CNC aluminum rail.
• It is durable, long-lasting, and able to shoot quickly through its riser.
• Draw weight: 185 Lbs
• Firing velocity370 FPS
• It is one of the best and highly rated crossbows that you would find readily available today.
• The use of integrated strings, guaranteeing a vibration-free and quiet shot, makes it one of the most used crossbows.
• Other notable features of this crossbow include CNC machined cam system, quad limbs, and easy to adjust tactical forearm and stock.

• Shoots and hits a target twenty yards out
• Easy to assemble

• Balanced, compact and lightweight

• Excellent and fast delivery service

• Boasts of plenty of power and speed

(3) Ten Point Invader G3 Wicked Ridge

• Ten Point has upgraded its previous model – Invader HP – to the Invader G3, ensuring safety & protection for newbies.
• It includes auto safety system to keep the arrow in place, and also to prevent dry fire with fingers after cocking.
• This bow also comes with a three arrow quiver along with three carbon arrows with Fixed Broadheads .
• Draw Weight: 165 lbs (able to take down any type of deer)
• Travel Speed: 330 FPS


• Suitable for both newbies and experienced hunters
• Lightweight with the semi-skeletal design
• Long nylon safety wings and fire hand grip to prevent injuries for fingers
• Excellent quality & price compatible
• Optional ACU Draw device oval

• 3x scope with various ranges (20, 30, 40 yards)

(2) Barnett Jackal crossbow

• This crossbow is recommended for those who are new to hunting, especially for hunting deer.
• The compact Quad Limb, high energy wheels, Synthetic string/ cable system, produces fast arrow speed to kill a full range target from moderate ranges (315fps).

Pros . Cons
• Affordable price . No cocking device
• Easy to assemble, so comfortable to use • Only single red dot scope fixed 20 yards
• convenient to use or carry in outdoor camping • Expensive maintenance

• Fast arrow speed (315 fps), so it can kill deer and some popular target

(1) Barnet whitetail hunter II

• Affordable and efficient.
• Price and quality match to perfection.
• It has 160 lbs draw weight.
• Lightweight and shoots 350 FPS.
• Has compact design, weighs 6.4 lbs, and measures 34.2 inches. 
• Limbs are made of composite laminate that protects it from winter weather.
• Comes with a ⅞” Picatinny rail.
• It has a scope attached to a bow, and you can put 3, 20 inches arrow into the quiver.

What should I look for when buying a crossbow for deer hunting


The most significant features to consider before making a purchase are:
• Shape/Size of the crossbow- to suits your needs.
• Speed in FPS, which differs for every crossbow. For deer hunting, you wouldn’t need more than 400 fps speed.
• The weight- a heavier crossbow might be more stable. However, it is tiring to be carried around in the hunting field.
• Quality of suitable bolts.
A premium class scopes.
• Safety devices or gears like Auto-Engaging Safety remain essential to keep safe from injuries.
• You must look for a crossbow’s anti-dry fire capability.
• The type of material used will let us know about the likely life span of the crossbow in all-weather hunting.
• Crossbow with stainless steel and aluminum-coated in nitrogen, including standard accessories to ensure the durability of the equipment.

How Long Will a Crossbow Last

The longevity of the crossbow mainly depends on the maintenance of the strings. The strings should be waxed every 50 shots, and the rail/moving parts lubricated regularly. The strings are recommended to be replaced every two years; however, most last up to 5 years. Cams and cables can last up to 10 years. To avoid potential hazards, know the capabilities and limits of your crossbow. If you are concerned about the lifespan of the crossbow, purchase one with a lifespan warranty.

Can i Leave My Crossbow Cocked All Day

The short answer is: No! Crossbows may be kept cocked while hunting, but de-de-cocked after approximately 4 hours. They must only be cocked back after half an hour. You should never keep your crossbow cocked in storage. It causes unwanted stress on the firing mechanism, cables, and string, which damages the crossbow and shortens its lifespan.

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