Same Day Ground Blind Hunting

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There are several different styles of same day ground blinds available on the market, but where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered in this in-depth article. Enjoy!

From chair blinds to hub-style ground blinds in a variety of sizes for up to four people: what type of ground blind you choose is going to depend on your intended use. If more than two hunters are going to share the ground blind. A ground blind with a larger footprint will be more convenient for you and your kit.


You should look for features that offer a lightweight ground blind. That incorporates a carry bag with straps to make it easier to carry to the days hunt. The floor size should be adequate to accommodate a fold-able chair or chairs and all your gear allowing at least an 180 to a 270-degree view. A standard two-person ground blind is going to have approximately a 60” x 60” shooting width for your crossbow. and anywhere from a 54” to 64” standing height. Ground blinds are available in different exterior camo patterns. and It is typical for ground blinds to have a black-backed interior to help conceal the hunter inside.


Can Deer Smell You In a Ground Blind?

Yes they can. Part of it is our breath, and the other part is our environment. Deer smell everything that we do and where we have been. From cooking bacon in the morning to the gas station we visit. If you wear your hunting clothes while you do anything other than hunting, it stays on them and you transfer it to the woods while you are wearing them. Most people don’t think about their vehicle, and the drive to your hunting spot. There is months and months of scents built up in your car/truck seat that is stuck to you every time you sit down and drive to your hunting land. Then you get out and rub the brush and leave some of it there. You can spray your clothes all you want, but unless you soak them you aren’t going to get everything. I wear my base layers when I am going to my hunting spots and keep my clothes in vacuum bags. I also have scent wafers in and I push the air out of them between hunting trips. The only complaint I have with those bags, is durability. They can tare easy so be careful . I try my best to control my human odor on my hunting clothes and my body as much as possible. but can still be sniffed out.

Will Deer Notice a Ground Blind?

Whitetails are always hard to deceive. So setting up a blind long before you plan a hunt will maximize your chances. Deer will avoid anything new in their area until they are sure. Setting up your blind a couple of weeks or even longer before deer season is key. It allows the new smells and outlines to become part of the deer’s familiar territory. If you can’t set up in advance, make sure you place the blind where it isn’t obvious. Get inside the tree line for better concealment. Set the blind back in the trees or other natural cover.

Blend it into the environment with brush, grass, cattails or whatever natural vegetation is handy. Most good blinds have straps to attach natural camouflage. Fresh-cut tree branches and foliage will help disguise the smell of your blind. The best way to make it scent free is to leave it set up outdoors in the elements. The longer you leave it the more it becomes part of the habitat in both sight and smell. Deer never miss movement either. When you locate an active trail used. Try to find a spot to set up your blind downwind. If the sun is shining on your face when looking out of the windows this will spook them so Dress in dark clothing. Use a hunting hat and wear make up camo or a facemask and gloves.

Whats Better Ground Blind Or Tree Stand?

When it comes to ground blinds Vs treestands for deer, the choice for me has always been easy. Up i go. The reason is a treestand offers more advantages with a bow or crossbow. For one you have a far superior view of incoming game (allowing more time to adjust and prepare for a shot) and far more accurate judging of a trophy Buck.



Fixed position tree stands include lock-on tree stands, sometimes referred to as hang-on tree stands. Lock-on tree stands are very useful when you know the exact location of where you want to have a stand. You may be hunting the edge of location that you know is well-traveled by deer. Or you can have a few stand locations set up, so you can hunt a particular stand based on deer movement or wind direction.



  • Lightweight
  • Compact and portable for packing and travel
  • Quiet entry and climb
  • Allows for better concealment
  • Grate for Bow hunters


  • Can feel less safe
  • Some have smaller foot platforms
  • Some not conducive to rifle hunting


Some deer hunters also prefer ladder stands because they don’t feel as safe in climbing stands or fixed position stands like lock-ons. Or, they may simply be physically unable to use climbers or lock-ons. Ladder stands tend to have large seats and side rails. If set up right and secured well they are very sturdy. Ladder stands can also be used for bow and crossbow hunting if the shooting rail is taken off. There are also double type ladder stands which allow for two people to sit in the stand.



  • Quiet entry and climb
  • Some ladder stands can seat two hunters
  • Easy to climb
  • Can be used for rifle hunting or bow and crossbows


  • Setup can be cumbersome
  • Tree type can affect setup
  • Difficult to conceal
  • Limited stand height


A lot of hunters consider climbing tree stands to be the most difficult to use. Climbing stands allow for easy setup and removal. So you can enter the woods with your stand and leave with it at the end of the hunt.



  • Mobility
  • Easily removable
  • Climbers allow for adjustable hunting height


  • Climbable trees needed
  • Potential for noise / sweat
  • Limited cover
  • Physically tiring


Here are a couple of things i have learned about using ground blinds to ambush mature whitetails. The deer need to be able to see it from a distance, or not at all. If they walk around a corner and see it at less than 50 yards, they will bolt out of there guaranteed. I’ve found that from between 50 to 100 yards is a bit of a gray zone where pretty much anything can happen.”

hunting ground blinds

Ground blinds are a great way to set up for whitetale deer, especially in areas where you can’t put up a treestand or elevated blind. They are quick and portable and provide great cover to hide hunters.

Disadvantages. Make human scent and movement at ground level easier for game to detect. Offer limited visibility and shooting lanes.