Best Broadhead For Elk

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Everyone loves to spend quality time with their family. Likewise, my father and I go hunting every autumn. Hunting with family members has been a custom going on for the past few years. As fall is the best time of the year for hunting elk, we are always hopeful of taking home a trophy bull. I haven’t been able to go hunting with my father for quite a while now. Hunting with a group rather than alone is quite helpful in many ways. You get a different set of skills that increases the chances of a successful hunt. It also helps in minimizing individual weakness. It comes from the fact that every person shares the same feeling of pressure and joy. Tracking and harvesting the hunt with a group gives you tons of inspiration. In the last week of August, we went to the northern sides in the morning. For many years, the North American elks have been fascinating many hunters and nature lovers. We did not want to come back from hunting empty-handed. For this purpose, we took our crossbows and broadheads. To make sure of a successful hunt, we decided to take the best broadhead we have ever used:

Broadhead For Elk

The Muzzy Trocar 100 Grain 3-Blades.

Choosing a good broadhead is never easy. There are many options out there. So why Muzzy Trocar 100 Grain 3-Blades? Well! First of all, Muzzy is a renowned name in manufacturing broadheads. The Muzzy Trocar 100 Grain 3-Blades has set the standards high with its bone-shattering structure. Made in the USA, this product has many specs that shout “PERFECTION”. Compatible for hunting, it is ideal for use in any big elk game. With its deadliest accuracy, Muzzy Trocar can penetrate through the sturdy bones.Following are some of the features that make it stand out among others:


The aerodynamic and 0.035” helix design is engineered to cause a devastating wound. It is enough to put down a big game. The sharp and easy to use features made this product popular. My father used to have the old Muzzy broadhead, but ever since the production of Trocar 100-Grain, he has been using this broadhead only.


Accurate and quiet, the 3-blades feature has a large cutting diameter of (13/6 )th inches. This feature has a design perfect for lethal performance. The large diameter ensures a deep penetration.


The Muzzy Trocar 100-grain comes with three broadheads per pack, which is a good thing. The 100-grain feature ensures balance while shooting.


The Muzzy Broadhead has a bone-breaking tip. It includes a single-piece steel ferrule and a chisel tip. The ferrule tip ensures consistent flight with the right offset. It results in long-range accuracy. Because of this, it is excellent for angle shots. The 3-blades, along with the steel ferrule, resist deformation also.


Sturdy and high penetration leads to proper blood trails. The blood trails are helpful in case you have to track the hunt. With a well-placed shot ability, Muzzy Trocar is the primary product for chasing elks. These are also consistent with the field points.


Muzzy has a name for its durable and reliable products. As for the Trocar 3-blade, it will never deform, and the blades will never get ruined. Thus, making it long-lasting.

Although Muzzy Trocar has many specs, it also has one drawback. The blades sometimes fall off due to loose-fitting.
This broadhead needs some training to be able to use it. Hence, it is suitable for professional hunters who want to cut through a game with ease and comfort. It is a very reliable product.
Best Broadhead For Elk

How Heavy Should The Arrow Be For Elk?

Although the shot placement is everything, the weight of the arrow is essential in some ways. Using a 100 grains arrow is enough sometimes. A 100 grains broadhead weighs 6.479891 grams. However, to have high penetration, there needs to be high kinetic energy. The kinetic energy of a 100 grain broadhead is not enough for this purpose. This is why most of the hunters prefer heads weighing more than 100 or 125 grain. The wind might affect the lighter arrows causing shooting errors. Due to this reason, the arrow should be heavy enough to have that shattering shot. An arrow of 350-450 grains is the best to get a balanced weight and speed.

How Big Is The Kill Zone On An Elk?

Elk Hunting

The most vital organs of an elk are the heart and lungs. A shot through these organs will offer a quick kill. The heart is present behind the shoulder and in the bottom of the body cavity. Through the past few years of hunting with my father, I have learned a lot about the most effective types of shots. As mentioned above, shot placement is everything. Knowing where to aim is the only part you need for a solid shot. At the start of my hunting, my father taught me to aim 1/3 up the body. If the animal is facing you, the shot must be taken a right in the crease. The most significant vital area to shoot at an elk is behind the leg and shoulder. The purpose of this knowledge is to make a hunter confident of its shot opportunities.

What Time Of The Day Are Elks Most Active?

Elks move in response to the hunting and weather conditions. Like other nocturnal animals, elks are most active at night and sleep during the day. Since humans don’t have a good night vision, it could be a problem for the hunters so if you are moving about in the dark make sure you have a good hunting flashlight. The best time to hunt elk during their activity is early in the morning and dusk. The afternoon would be the worst time to go out to hunt an elk to bring it home for dinner. Midday means sleeping-time for elks, and they usually find their rest in thick woods on top of a high ridge. So, you might want to consider taking a nap yourself, too!