Types of hunting knives – Which one is best?

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Not sure which types of knives or blades to add to your hunting arsenal? We’ve got you covered with this list of the different types of blades on the market, and which we prefer as part of our hunting arsenal. Let’s jump right in!

Broadhead is one of the deciding tools on how efficient you are as a hunter. To hit the target precisely and effectively, you need to focus on what kind of Broadheads you get. Most modern hunters have excellent confusion for picking the right Broadhead; many questions arise while thinking about a Broadhead like, which Broadhead type is most effective? Mechanical or fixed-blade.

Choosing a Best Broadhead is a personal thing. Pick one from the dozens of products on the market that fits your equipment, your personality, and the task. In this review, let’s see all the three types of Broadheads for hunting.

Broadheads are classified into three; they are Fixed Blade Broadhead, Mechanical, and Hybrid. So, different options are available for hunters.

Types of hunting knives – Your Complete Guide

Fixed Blade

Fixed Blade Broadheads are the simplest and most commonly used type among hunters. This type is used by many traditional style bowhunters and by hunters those who shoot bows with only low drawer weights.

  • Superior quality
  • Better Penetration
  • Comes with a screw-in design

A fixed blade Broadhead has blades that can’t be moved or folded as they are permanently extended. An added benefit of a fixed blade is it can be easily resharpened and has excellent cutting power. They are constructed from one solid piece of metal, so moving parts can’t break. This fixed blade gives a deep penetration which can even punch through the bone of an animal.

Mechanical Broadhead

Are mechanical Broadheads more modern than fixed blade counterparts? Yeah, it varies by a simple mechanism. When the chiseled tip makes contact with an animal, blades will open at the impact, and exit holes get larger. Mechanical Broadheads have edges which are hidden during flight; it’s also expandable.

Mechanical Broadheads are less affected by wind, so they hit the target more accurately than their fixed blade counterpart.

These types of Broadheads offer a large cutting diameter, which produces impressive entrance and exit wounds. It results in an intense blood trail that makes tracking easier.

A mechanical Broadhead shoots like a field tip in a closed position and is specially designed for accuracy. Blades create a large wound channel. Also, it can shoot differently than the practice field tips hunters use while practicing. It is recommended to use these blades only with bows rated 50 pounds or more because it needs additional energy to open upon penetration.


What is Hybrid Broadhead? It falls in between the fixed and mechanical models. The tip is just like what you see on fixed blades; after the end, it is similar to what you find on mechanical Broadhead. The cutting power and penetration are extraordinary in this Broadhead, leaving the prey with a severe blood trail. It shoots like a mechanical Broadhead with field point accuracy. It hits like a fixed blade for a guaranteed cut upon entrance. This type creates a large wound channel because it opens like a mechanical blade.

Final Verdict

If you want to be a great hunter, look for good quality, well-designed Broadheads; you must know their types, features, and other specifications. Check out our review and pick what suits you the most.