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Let’s Hunt From An Elevated Stand

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Back in the day when there were no elevated stands, my father used to hunt white tailed deer from the ground and we would use vegetation as a camouflage. Then hunting slowly developed from ground to elevated positions to elevated stands – which is exactly what I want to tell you all about today! Read more below to elevate (see what I did there!) hunting skills.

What Is An Elevated Stand?

Elevated tree stands are the most popular equipment among bow hunters and firearm hunters. These are especially used in hunting white – tailed deer using bows and arrows. An elevated stand is a chair secured onto the elevated part of a tree with the help of Fall – Arrest Systems (FASs). The use of elevated stands is considered a foundation in hunting for flawless shooting accuracy. Old hunters used to climb up on a tree branch for an accurate shot. Modern hunters invented elevated stand to secure the climb up the tree. There are quite a few types of elevated stands. The most used elevated stands are hang-on stands, self-climbing stands, ladder stands, and tower stands.

• Hang-On Stands:

Hang-on stands are the platforms without a ladder. This version of elevated stand requires a separate climbing aid. These are light-weight and relatively strong. Designed in a pretty simple way, these require chains and belts for a secure use.


• Self-Climbing Stands:

These are the most popular tree stands having a standing platform with a seat on top. It is suitable for any hunting activity with compact and portable construction.


• Ladder Stands:

Ladder stand is a platform with a locked-in ladder to climb up the stand. Although the stand is bulkier than others, it is safer to enter and exit this stand.


• Tower Stands:

This version of elevated stand is also known as tripod box stand. It is because the tower stand is fixed on ground base instead of tree with the help of its tripod legs. It is placed on the edge of the field for a long distance range.

• What Is The One Advantage Of Hunting From An Elevated Stand?

Now, we are still left with the question, “what is that prime advantage of hunting from an elevated stand?”
Speaking from personal experience, the most crucial factor is a wider field view and staying hidden. As a resident of east, I can say for sure that deer have a few natural predators. This is the reason why deer never look up, because the natural predators never attack from above. The hunter can stay hidden and the smell won’t alarm the game. In this way, the game will have a normal and stable position. Also, the hunter can detect the game earlier in an elevated stand as compared in the hunting field. This gives them more time to prepare themselves for shooting. Plus, there are less chances of stray bullets because you are more visible to other sportsmen in the game.

• Some Avoidable Cons Of Elevated Stand

It is no use if you avoid one side of the coin and focus on the other. To make a final decision about buying a product, you need to now both the pros and cons. You need to control the case in order to avail from it. The most significant con of hunting from an elevated stand is the chances of serious injuries resulting from falling.

• Precautions Of Elevated Stands: Safety First!

1. Make sure that a commercial elevated stand you are buying is certified and tested up to industry standards. A homemade stand might save you a few bucks but cost your life.
2. Read and understand the manufacturer’s instructions beforehand. Always learn the basic and safety regulations of these kinds of equipment before using them.
3. Make sure to use and construct a tree stand in the day time instead of doing it in the night.
4. An experienced hunter will always take his time while choosing a tree to install the stand. It will be a bad choice to just go for it. The tree must be wide and strong enough to bear your weight.
5. When you are going to climb up the stand, do not forget to wear full-body harness or fall-arrest system. Bring your phone and the first aid kit in case you need them for an emergency.

What do hang on stands require?

The hang-on stands require some belts and chains to haul them to the tree. Hang-on tree stands are the most versatile stands which also need separate climbing aids. These aids may be segmented ladders or climbing sticks. The hang-on stand should be fixed on pre scouted trees in advance to help them chase the game and change the positions.

What should you carry with you in a stand?

Mobile phones, flashlights, batteries and first aid kit are the essentials that you need on an elevated stand. always use a haul line to bring up the crossbow and arrows instead of carrying them up the tree as you climb.

What is the first action that should be taken if you fall from an elevated stand?

Some causes of falls from a stand are incorrect placement or posture while climbing up the tree, or the use of damaged equipment. The first thing you need to do if you fall from a stand is assess and analyze the situation. Take a deep breath and do not panic. Call 911 for help if you have phone with you. Try to climb back on to the stand and if you are not able to do that, use suspension relief strap to keep a standing posture. If cannot do this much too, keep your legs moving to keep the blood flowing.