Flashlight That Can Blind a Bear

Going on a hunt where bears might be in sight? Then you don’t want to be caught without a strong flashlight, because the consequences could be, well, life-threatening!

Since ancient times, bears have been hunted for their meat and fur. Being the most affordable species to hunt, the hunting practices differ throughout the world depending on the type of the bear. Due to their giant and fierce appearance, they are also a source of entertainment. Bear hunting has become a preferred sport & hobby throughout Europe and North America. Out of eight living species of bear, six are listed endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. There are three legally hunting species of bear. As there is much variation among the species, so these three species are enough for hunting. Despite the fun involved, it is necessary to educate all hunters to hunt humanely, with all safeties and above all legality. I have established with experience that tracking and stalking of a bear is as much fun as actually getting one. However, before going on the hunt I always make sure that I follow all hunting pre-requisites, regulations and laws of land. In addition, selection of the right bow or crossbow, broadheads is as much imperative as anything else I do for hunting.

When it comes to night hunting, flashlights become a prime need of any hunter. Whenever a night hunt is on my list, the best accessories, including flashlights, become my preferences. So, it is critical to have some good quality flashlight beforehand, no matter what. You should avoid any flashlights made of clunky plastic containing C or D type batteries, which are practically useless. They have very dim light and are quite heavy. Going for a much superior and advanced quality flashlight that can “blind” a bear is important for bear hunting. I like New tactical flashlight G700 the most. It is made by using the most advanced military technology with indestructible material. It uses 3 AAA batteries to work. I love its Zoom Feature the most. It has an SOS mode feature which can be used to give signals to anybody in case of any alerts. It also has a strobe mode, which can be used to mitigate any threat even less than in milliseconds.

I can say this flashlight is the one everyone should own. It can be a lifesaver during many types of emergency situations. Especially when you are facing a bear, it can blind it for a while. From design to performance, it has everything you are looking for. It is probably one of the best military grade flashlight one can find on the market. By nature, all animals are curious and so are the bears. They are attracted to a lot of things. This curiosity leads bears to come to human living places. At times when a person has a confrontation with a bear, the G700 flashlight can come to rescue. We cannot actually make a bear go blind with a flashlight. However, we can threaten and enrage a bear by putting a direct beam of a light straight into its eyes. Harsh lights do cause “temporarily blindness’ to a bear by inducing an immense pain for a relatively short period of time.

Do Strobe Lights Scare Bears?

A strobe light is a device which produces regular flashes of light. By saying strobe, we mean a strobe light or a strobic lamp. A strobe light can produce extremely intense illuminations. A normal strobe light has a flash power of 10 to 150 Joules. Its discharge time is much shorter, as a few milliseconds. It can often result in a flash energy of much higher kilowatts. A strobe light might piss off a bear but not scare them away. It can only be a good way to make the bear quite mad, which can make it way more dangerous. Only a chemical spray is proved to be effective in scaring away a bear. The sprays can be effective to use even from a distance of 1.5 to 3 meters

What Scares Grizzly Bears Away?

The grizzly bear is also known as the North American brown bear. They can be in a variety in colors, but a grizzly bear’s fur is most commonly brown. It has dark color legs and it has a blinded tipped fur.

You can scare away a grizzly bear by:

1. Making loud noises either by simply yelling or banging any pot or utensil.
2. Responding quickly if the grizzly bear approaches you.
3. Waving your arms to make yourself look bigger and more intimidating.
4. Using an airhorn

All of us know that bears are not afraid of human beings at all. Rather it would be better to say that bears are not afraid of anything. When talking about grizzly bears, they do not have frequent interaction with humans due to which they sometimes follow humans and attack them. Grizzly bear has a quite different behavior. So, if they come to your place you should not attempt to actively deter it from your place at your own. You should definitely get yourself to a safer place first and then call for some help.

Do Polar Bears Eat Human?


Polar bears are the only animals that kill humans for eating purpose. Since they are not accustomed to the presence of human beings, they have no fixed fear of humans. Although the attacks are not that common, they actively get involved in stalking and eating human beings. If a bear does not find any other prey for sustenance, whenever and wherever it gets a chance, it will definitely attack, kill and enjoy human flesh. Some studies show that huge, fat, and healthy bears don’t eat human beings as they are not hungry most of the times. So, maybe and only maybe, only small hungry bears eat human. Therefore, while going out, you should keep in mind that starving Polar Bears do not make any distinction between human beings and any other prey. That’s why you should prepare yourself with specialized, high quality hunting gear if you want to avoid an encounter with a polar bear.

Wrapping Up

When hunting bears, it is essential that you have the right flashlight to avoid life-threatening situations. In this article, we’ve explained the best type of flashlight to have when hunting bears, as well as interesting information about which bears are legal to hunt, and which to look out for.

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