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Why do you need the Horton SuperMag Crossbow in your arsenal?

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When it comes to hunting bows, there aren’t many that tickle my fancy quite as much as the Horton SuperMag Crossbows. In this article, I’ll tell you all the pros of adding this weapon to your hunting arsenal, and exactly why I think that it’s one of the best bows on the market.

Horton SuperMag Crossbow was a model released in the mid-’90s. It has a reputation for being a resistant and accurate crossbow. It has a draw weight of 68kg. The speed depends on the type of bow, but it ranges between 90 to 100 meters per second (m/s).

Horton SuperMag Crossbow

The initial price it was sold was between US$200-US$300. Now, almost 30 years later, a used model can be found with a reasonable price of less than US$100. For crossbow enthusiasts, a used Horton SuperMag can still come in handy. Look for one which has well-maintained strings and cables. Keep in mind that the replacement parts are not being manufactured anymore. However, an old-fashioned archery shop might be able to make a few custom parts. Anyways, it might be the best idea to do some replacements before using an old SuperMag. If one part breaks during firing, it can cause a serious accident.

Horton was the oldest modern manufacturing company of crossbows in the USA. It was established in 1995 by Mike A.Horton. They were particularly focused on motivating and advertising crossbows for hunting. The Horton SuperMag was one of their very first models of crossbows, and it holds good value to this day. Horton was a leading company with reliable products. However, the market hasn’t heard from them in recent years and no new models of their products have come out. What happened?

Is Horton Crossbows Out Of Business?

Yes, Horton as a company is out of business. Due to their financial difficulties and inability to run the business any longer. Horton Archery and its assets were bought by Hunter’s Manufacturing Company. That is the parent company of Wicked Ridge and TenPoint crossbow. The official announcement was made on July 1, 2013. TenPoint currently sells a few Horton products. Horton Vortec RDX and Horton Storm RDX are two of those. Some users’ all-time favorites such as the Horton Supermag are not manufactured anymore. The only way one can still find have access to one is to find an old used one. Some of their products are based on those from Horton, but they are sold under a different name. They aim to re-instill the old principles of Horton in their business. The two main ones being: quality customer service and exceptional manufacturing value.

What Distance Should I Zero My Crossbow?

In other words, this refers to sighting the crossbow. As a novice, before attempting to sight the scope of the crossbow one should try shooting 100-150 bows. Regardless of where the target is, they should be in close proximity of 5-8cm apart at a distance of 18 meters. This
way the crossbowman becomes familiar with the crossbow and practices aiming at consistency. This is a known technique to be used by experienced hunters too when they get their hands on a new crossbow.

To “zero” the crossbow needs to properly align the top dot/reticle for a specific distance. This distance most of the time is at 18m unless instructed otherwise. Once set at that distance, the remaining crosshairs will be aligned automatically.

What Distance Should I Zero My Crossbow?


Every crossbow comes with two knobs: the ‘windage adjustment knob’ and the ‘elevated adjustment knob’. The windage adjustment known, located on the side, allows adjustments left and right. The elevation adjustment knob located at the top adjusts up and down. The amount of adjustment per click of knobs depends on the model of the crossbow and it is stated in the user manual.

Step by step guide:

Sight the crossbow using a shooting aid to fixate the weapon, such as a rifle shooting rest. In case of not having access to one, this step is not a must, but the results will be less accurate and will make hunting less successful.

Position yourself 18 meters from the target. Seat a bow and align the top-most red dot with the bullseye. Pull the trigger using only the top of your index finger and don’t move your entire hand or arm. Repeat 2 more times.
18 meters
27 meters
36 meters
The top dot/line @18 meters is used when first sighting. If the target is at a distance of 27m and 36m, move to the second and third dot respectively.

Approach the target to see where your arrows have landed in comparison to the bull’s eye. Make the necessary adjustments you think are reasonable (e.g.: 3cm left and 5 cm up) using the adjusting knobs

Repeat step 1 again. If the adjustments were correct, this time the arrows should be closer or at the bull’s eye. If not, repeat until satisfied.

How Many Shots Does a Crossbow Last?

The crossbow itself, if well-maintained can last 10+ years. The strings however require constant maintenance. For the best performance, strings are recommended to be changed every 2 years, but most of them seem to last up to 5 years. To be fair, there is no timeline for the strings to be changed. They must be checked regularly and replaced as soon as they start to wear. The strings should be waxed and the rail should be lubricated on a regular basis. The replacement of stings should not be done without the proper tools and knowledge.

What to keep in mind?

Crossbows are hunting tools of short-range. The maximum manufacturing distance is 36 meters.

The crossbow should be uncocked when not in active use. Keeping it cocked puts unnecessary pressure of its mechanisms and shortens its life.

Store the crossbow in a dry place away from sunlight. Excessive heat can dry the strings and make them loose their elasticity

When it comes to crossbow bolt and arrow selection, keep it simple. Choose what is recommended by the manufacturer.

Crossbows are FIREARMS. Keep safety always in mind. Check its parts before every use. Any bystanders should stay behind the archer and not on the side.