Answered: Can You Sell Deer Meat?

Last Updated on May 13, 2023 by Dwayne Easton

Hunting deer and what to know if you are allowed to sell the meat? We’ve researched the ins and outs of the venison market, to keep you in the know. Read all you need to know below.

‘Venison’ refers to any edible deer part, including internal organs. It is derived from the Latin word ‘venari,’ which means to hunt. In earlier days, Venison was referred to the meat of any animal that was first hunted and then eaten.

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More than 100 years ago, North America banned the commercial sale of wild meat. Then, the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation originated in the 19th century to conserve many wildlife species. The NAMWC was set in Canada and America. Many parts of the US outlaw the sale of wild game meat. Yet, there are some parts of the US where it is legal to sell deer meat. A wild game verified by a state with a mark of verification is legalized to sell the meat within the United States.

Nowadays, some consider it insensible to keep the law. They believe that hunters are ethical and respect wildlife. They want to preserve wildlife. Hunters usually don’t hunt more meat than they consume.
One of the famous restaurants of Florence, Italy, has Venison (deer meat) on their menu. The menu clearly says that the meat was collected during the hunting season. Americans find this unusual. The sale of Venison is banned during the hunting season in America, other parts of the world have no law prohibiting the sale of wild game meat. However, proper inspection and processing requirements have to be fulfilled before the sale.
All in all, the sale of deer meat is not illegal. However, the sale of meat from wild animals harvested within the state is unlawful. You can still give the meat to your friends and family as a gift or throw a party.

How Much Does Venison Sell For?

Beef and Venison have been put to comparison recently. Despite being expensive, it has become trending on the dining due to its organic and rich flavor. Venison is high in proteins and vitamins. It has 50% less fat than beef. It contains very few calories compared to beef or even chicken breast. One hundred grams of roasted deer meat is only 175 calories. Nothing can beat the taste of a venison loin picked right off the grill.

Venison has been the choice of hunters since forever. Its glory started since food experts have discovered this special menu. Ordinary supermarkets do not bear to keep this red meat. Due to its high demands weeks before the season starts, its price also skyrockets. For hunters, it is the most abundant meat. Yet in big cities, it is rare and expensive.
Its price depends on the type of cut and the time of the year. You can find 10lb Venison ground meat on amazon for $115. However, the price may vary depending on the region also.

The average price of whitetail deer whole tenderloin is $39.5 per lb.

The average price of venison skirt steak is $10 per 0.5 lb.

The average price of whitetail deer loin chops is $26 per 0.5 lb.

The average price of deer ribs is $5 for 5 lb.

The average price of the whitetail deer shoulder roast is $11 per lb.

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How Much Is a Pound of Venison Worth?

Ideally, a deer yields venison half of its weight. You can get about 60 pounds of Venison from a deer of 120 pounds. But this is not a realistic yield. A deer shot with a bullet might suffer damage to different parts of the body. Thus, the total return of Venison is calculated after taking out the damaged parts and organs. If you are eating Venison three meals a day, a single deer will last you 3-6 weeks. But this also depends on the size and species of the deer.
Just like its taste, Venison also wins beef over the price. A pound of beef costs as little as $1. Venison is a lot more expensive, but it is worth the price. On average, you get Venison for $29.50 per pound. If you want to save money, follow the “more the better.” Purchasing a large quantity at once will save you some dollars.

Is It Cheaper To Hunt or Buy Deer Meat?

Hunting is a sport for many and a way of life for some. Some of us can get to our nearby store and buy meat while others rely on hunting to feed themselves. That being said, a question arises. Is hunting for meat cheaper than buying?
No doubt, there is no comparison of quality between store-bought meat and a harvested one. Hunting might look cheaper than buying. Shoot a deer running in the woods and fill your freezer with meat. Sounds good, right? Thinking beyond, there are many other costly details. Let us count them:


The cost of licenses for one sport may go over $50. Then you must also buy tags for each type of animal you are going to hunt. Although the price is reasonable most of the time, this is the first of the many expenses.


Any kind of weapon, bow, crossbow or gun can cost you nearly $500-$2500. Apart from this, you might need ammunition, protective gear, camo clothing and hunting boots. You might also need binoculars or rangefinders, depending on the place you hunt.


The cost of hunting skyrockets with another expense, and that is travel. The cost of fuel to reach the destination quickly add up the cost of the animal you are hunting. Hunting is a time taking process. Most of the time, not everyone kills an animal in their first kill. So, it is also a hit and run for many (but not for the professionals).
Butcher’s fees and processing the meat adds up to the price. It is definitely much cheaper to buy meat than to hunt for it. However, with nowadays food abundance, hunting for the meat itself, is not the prime reason why most of the hunters go hunting in the first place. We love everything about hunting and the extra cost is worth it.