The Best Crossbow Pistol For Hunting

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A pistol crossed with a crossbow? Yes, they really do excises! Here’s all you need to know about this too cool for school bow.

Pistol crossbows are often referred to as ‘Cobras’ or “TomCats.” They originate from an Asian company, and most of them are 80llbs and have a standard or self-cocking mechanism. They are handheld and shoot small bolts. One of the disadvantages of pistol crossbows is their primitive safety mechanism. They are mostly used for amateur target shooting, as well as hunting and self-defense. Their price in the USA ranges from $30-$50. Below, we have listed the best pistol crossbows in the market.

pistol crossbow

Prophecy 80lb Self-Cocking Crossbow

Prophecy 80lb self-cocking crossbow is made of plastic. It is lightweight but not as much durable as crossbows made of fiberglass. Nevertheless, it is a fantastic choice within the low-price range. Let’s have a look at its features:
• 80-pound of draw weight.
• 165 FPS speed
• Accuracy up to 40 yards
• self-cocking mechanism
• Anti-dry fire trigger with an auto safety feature
• Less reloading time
• Comes with 13 Aluminium bolts, a string, and two end caps

Kings Archery Crossbow Pistol

Kings Archery crossbow pistol has similar characteristics to Prophecy 80lb self-cocking crossbow. The main difference is the material. This crossbow is made of fiberglass and aluminum. It is easy to handle and can be reloaded quickly. But it leads in having amazing fiberglass, and aluminum body. Another daring feature has a mounted scope with no extra charges. Its features are as follows:
• 80-pound draw weight
• 3-pound overall weight
• 150 FPS speed
• Comes with 15 bolts (not high quality)
• Highly accurate in short distances.
It comes with a mounted scope with no extra charges. However, it lacks a Picatinny rail.

PSE Viper SS

PSE Viper SS has excellent firing speed. It is the lightest crossbow in this list, which makes it very easy to handle and use it for all-day hunting trips. Unlike most crossbows, PSE Viper SS comes in multiple warm and vibrant colors. Its main features are:
• 50-pound draw weight
• 215 FPS speed
• Self-cocking with auto-safety lock
• Plastic and fiberglass body
• Small in size but powerful
The main disadvantage of PSE Viper is its durability considering it is made of plastic. Its strings are not long-lasting. It should be handled with care.

The ACE Martial Arts Cobra System Crossbow

The ACE Martial Arts crossbow is used for both target practice and hunting. It is known for its accuracy and smooth shot. Its other characteristics are:
• 80-pound draw weight
• 165 FPS shooting speed
• Fast shooting & shorter reload time
• Self-cocking
• The plastic body along with fiberglass bow
• The basic package includes three aluminum bolts

This pistol crossbow has been reviewed as challenging to assemble.

Snake Eye Pistol Crossbow

Snake Eye Pistol is a favorite of many hunters and kid’s target practice. It is a small and fine-looking crossbow. It is made of metal, which makes it highly resistant. If it is maintained regularly, it can last a lifetime. Snake eye can be purchased on a relatively low budget; therefore, it is an excellent choice for beginners. Its specifications are:
• 80-pound draw weight
• 175 FPS shooting speed
• Fiberglass & solid metal body
• Accurate shooting up to 18 yards
• Quick and easy reload
• Dedicated space for a scope

The Manticore Pistol Crossbow With Scope

The Manticore Pistol crossbow is the most powerful in this list. It has 150lb draw weights, and it is often used for hunting, even deer hunting. It comes with mounted scope and bolts, which can travel 210 feet per second. The loading time is short and efficient. It can shoot accurately up to 60 yards, and it has an auto safety cocking mechanism. It is made of high-technology fiberglass and has an aluminum barrel. It is easy to assemble and pressure resistant.
The Manticore Pistol Crossbow has an overall rating of 3.7 on Amazon. Most of the customers claim to use it for fun target practice. Their chief complaint is the lack of instructions in the user manual. It’s the cocking system. It is also difficult for beginner users.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Pistol Crossbow Kill a Deer?

Pistol Crossbow

There are two schools of thought in this case.
The first one argues “Yes! You can kill a deer with a pistol crossbow.” The success in crossbow hunting does not only depend on the type of weapon used. The archer’s skills are as critical. How far the deer is and where you are aiming the shot are also essential factors. You would have a higher success rate if the deer is with a short distance and aiming for the head is almost a guaranteed kill.
The second school of thought, however, is against using pistol crossbows for deer hunting. The bolts used in pistol crossbows do not have a high penetrating force. The chances of just injuring the deer rather than killing it are high.
As a respectful hunter, you would make the right choice of whether to shoot a deer with your pistol crossbow.

Can a 150lb Crossbow Kill?

A 150lb crossbow combined with a high-speed bolt 220-250 feet per second has high penetrating power. It could kill small game animals as well as big game ones. Some would even say that a 150lb crossbow is an overkill. However, a successful kill is a combination of many factors. Accuracy and the aim would be even more critical. The shooting aim of big game animals must be in their vital organs. Ideally, the shot should be within 25 yards. Examples of 150lb crossbows are a few Excalibur models that have great reviews everywhere.

Can a 50lb Crossbow Kill?

Yes, it can kill! Probably a rat or squirrel at close distance; if you are not freaking out and the rat or squirrel is not running away! You can purchase a 50lb crossbow from Amazon. Its more for tinkering around with in the yard or fields shooting targets but its still needs care and attention while using and always think safety as it does fire pointy arrows and you dont want one stuck it your leg . It is like a cool toy for adults or children under supervision Don’t try to shoot your ex from accross the street.

Wrapping Up

Thinking of trying out a pistol crossbow for hunting? In this article, we’ve discussed all you need to know about this weapon, and whether it can do a proper job as a weapon. We’ve also left you with a few interesting facts about this bow, and hope you enjoy it!