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Review: why the Tenpoint crossbow is top notch

Last Updated on May 13, 2023 by Dwayne Easton

TenPoint Vapor Crossbow Package with ACU Draw

We love the Tenpoint Vapor crossbow, and can’t wait to tell you why. We’ve reviewed this top-of-the-range bow, just in case you want to add it to your hunting arsenal.

Vapor crossbow has a practical design that has been given shape to produce remarkable speed, reduced weight, and, last but not least, ease of operation. It comes as a compact single unit consisting of a crossbow string, a durable quiver, and a set of arrows. Whether you are looking for a crossbow for target practice, amateur outdoor hunting, or even professional big game hunting, this is the ultimate crossbow for you.

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Whether you are just learning the tricks of the trade or a professional hunter with many years of experience, this crossbow is relatively easy to handle. Moreover, it is neither too long nor too wide to operate in the field irrespective of the natural environment. In other words, the TenPoint Vapor crossbow has the perfect size for any man to handle. The equipment is also built to ensure safety for the hunter.


165 lbs draw weight – This mean crossbow has a draw weight of 165 lbs. This draw weight, together with an arrow length of 22 inches, enhances the arrow speed. Normally, the arrow speed will be more than 300fps (feet per second), which is a great speed for any kind of hunting activity or target practice.

  ACU draw cocking system – The crossbow also arrives with an ACUdraw cocking mechanism. This ensures that you are able to cock the crossbow without much effort. If used properly, it can spare you of the energy you would require to draw the bowstring manually.

RangeMaster Pro Scope – This crossbow features an outstanding scope to help in sighting. Its multi-reticle scope offers remarkable clarity and accuracy without obscuring the field in which you intend to operate. The high-tech scope is mounted on a machined aluminum 7/8 inches mount. Besides, the scope is designed to withstand any weather conditions—good, bad or wet. Therefore, it will still focus accurately irrespective of the weather.

Detachable 3-arrow quiver – The quiver is carefully crafted to accommodate the 22-inch arrows that are meant for the TenPoint C13004 Vapor crossbow. The fact that it is removable presents the hunter with an opportunity of taking it away while shooting if that suits him best.

Black and camo finish – Apart from making it attractive-looking, the black and camo finish on the limbs and the stock will help conceal your presence in the woods. Your target will hardly be able to detect that your crossbow is a weapon to be used against it.

22-inch arrows – The crossbow unit comes with very durable 22-inch arrows. Besides, they add up to the velocity because of the compatible grain weight.

36.4 –inch length – The length and the width of a crossbow determine how easy it is for operation. This crossbow features a length of 36.4 inches, which suit almost all hunters.

 Compact design- The TenPoint  Vapor crossbow  does not get enmeshed in tree branches or bushes thanks to its outstanding design.

Pros of the Tenpoint vapor crossbow

It is fast and furious– With a draw weight of 165 pounds and 22-inch arrow, this crossbow is fearfully fast. Once you have cocked and released the crossbow, the bolts travel to the target with an arrow speed of more than 300 feet per second. This means that the Tenpoint Vapor has the power to take down any game, big or small, in the woods of America or Canada.

 Easy and safe to operate – This TenPoint crossbow is designed in such a way that you are hardly required to do any special adjustments apart from adjusting the ACU draw mechanism. Also, it gives maximum protection to prevent the hunter from recoil injuries.

Awesome accuracy– The RangeMaster Pro Scope is an outstanding scope, in fact, one of the very best available on the market. It offers the hunter maximum clarity and accuracy for closer and far-away shots.

 Easy to assemble – When your package reaches your home, you will not be required to contact and expert to assemble the crossbow unit. All you require is to read the manual carefully and within a few minutes, you will be able to get the crossbow in a working condition.

Extremely powerful tool – Although most recurve crossbows are not associated with high energy, the TenPoint C13004 Vapor crossbow, produces enough power to take care of any game in the woods.

Cons of the Tenpoint Vapor

It is not all too quiet – Your target will probably hear the sound as you pull the cocking mechanism. But you need not worry about this little bit of noise because by the time it decides to turn against you, the arrow will take it down.

 It is rather expensive. It will cost you a good deal  of money to take this crossbow home, the same goes with other TenPoint crossbows like the TenPoint Venom Crossbow.  However, you will certainly fall in love with its high-tech design and functionality.

How to use the TenPoint Vapor crossbow

Using this crossbow is no rocket science. If you are just a novice, here is how to go about it. At First, you should place the TenPoint C13004 Vapor crossbow on its stirrup so as to ensure that you stand in a secure position. Then you are required to pull the bowstring upward to the cocking mechanism with the help of the cocking aid. The beauty with this crossbow is that you will not require much strength to cock it. It is now time to ensure that the string is fully secured in the ACU draw cocking mechanism. Then, you should place the 22-inch arrows in the quiver. Ideally, the bolt head should be resting on the groove and the end should be facing against the bowstring. Just before lifting the bow, you should ensure that the automatic safety is on. Now the crossbow is absolutely ready to shoot.

Using the scope sight, you should zero in on your target. When the object is within your shooting range, put your finger on the trigger, and release the safety. Now you are required to apply more pressure with your finger and pull the trigger. The arrows will smash into the target at a huge speed and if you had aimed well, there is no reason why you would miss your target. As you can see whether you are a novice or a reputed professional hunter, operating this TenPoint model will pose no challenge.

TenPoint Vapor Crossbow Review – Final analysis

We are pretty sure that after going through this Tenpoint Vapor crossbow review, you will have no doubt in your mind about the power and effectiveness of this crossbow. Truly, if you are looking for a hunting tool that perfectly combines accuracy and speed, then TenPoint  Vapor crossbow is an ideal choice for you. See home page for more information on crossbows.

It is not heavy in design and is fairly comfortable to carry around. The price should not bother you because at this price you will not find any other crossbow that has such remarkable features. Make your game hunting a fun-filled —thrilling and satisfying—experience with this powerful high-tech crossbow. Rest assured, this is the best crossbow available on the market to day at this price range. Be a proud owner of the Tenpoint vapor Crossbow. If you go for it, hunting will never be the same again!