How do I pick the best hunting rangefinder for me?

Last Updated on May 13, 2023 by Dwayne Easton

Rangefinders can deliver an accurate range with your projectiles, one of the most important things that can help to find your target is a high-quality rangefinder. This tool has become the main device in the backpack of a hunter for a long time.

Not all rangefinders are created equal, actually, a bowhunter will benefit from different features than a rifle hunter. So picking the appropriate rangefinder will offer better results for a hunter. Rangefinders are different from binoculars each has unique features that are specially designed for their intended purpose.

Are you looking for the best laser rangefinder? Then there are lots of features to consider, let’s see about that in this review. Here’s what you should look for in a hunting rangefinder.

What to look for to find the best hunting rangefinder?


There are different types of rangefinders that use advanced technologies to determine the distance of your target. It falls under two distinct categories,

–>Optical Rangefinder

–>Laser Rangefinder

Optical Rangefinders are used by most hunters only because of two reasons, one is they are cheap and the other is easy to use. Optical rangefinders are monocular devices with built-in scales. The accuracy depends on how precisely you focus on the instruments. They are accurate, light, and require no batteries.

Modern laser Rangefinders are a multi-purpose tool that can be used for a variety of purposes. It can easily replace the spotting scopes and binoculars as they provide the ability to scan and observe while finding the accurate distance of the target.


The longer the range, the better the rangefinder; so it’s good to use this device to measure long distances. If you’re a bowhunter you must look for an instrument capable of ranging short distances. For a rifle hunter, a high-ranging instrument is needed. So choose a gadget with a better range, this may help to hit the target. 


Most of the laser rangefinders offer some magnification to improve accuracy; this may help to increase the range. It can accurately detect the distance to a target even if it is placed over a mile away. Some of the models come with a 4x-6x magnification capacity, high-end models offer 10x magnification. If you’re looking for a higher magnification rangefinder, then pick one with a tripod mount.

Lens and Display

It’s good to have a large objective lens as it will make the scope brighter but it will also make it larger and heavier. Why this type of lens is needed? Because you may hunt even at dusk so at that time visibility may be low, so it’s clever to choose a larger objective lens.

Most of the rangefinders feature an LCD display to easily fix the target. LED tends to little brighter and better on battery life. It is adjustable, makes low light conditions a little easier.

Final Words

A rangefinder helps to know the distance between you and the target. With so many rangefinders in the market, the tough job is picking the right one.