Best GoPro For Hunting

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Best GoPro For Hunting

Editors choice

GoPro Hero 5 Black (High-end option)

2nd Choice

GoPro Hero Session (Entry-level option)

3rd Choice

GoPro Hero 6 Black (Up-to-date option)

GoPro Hero 5 Black (High-end option):

The hero-line cameras are topping the list of action cameras in the market. I have tried many other options out there but GoPro Hero 5 Black is my no.1 choice. It is, undoubtedly, a High-End Option and friendly choice for a tight budget. The feature that made GoPro Hero 5 my ultimate bias is that it automatically sends footage to the GoPro Plus cloud account. This feature ensures easy access to the footage on any device. I remember the last time I was lucky enough to capture footage of a bear that I shot down.  The review and trim feature made my footage a piece of art. I bragged about it to my friends and family. GoPro features 4K video and 12mp photos that give a realistic effect. Voice control and GPS control, for pro-quality snaps and videos, set the standards high for this product. The camera offers an amazing feature of time-lapse intervals too. The intervals are of 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 30 and 60 seconds. GoPro Hero 5 Black has the features that I always have looked for an action camera. It is waterproof and sustainable up to the depth of 33 feet. I do not use a mount with it, yet it delivers stable and crystal clear video.While keeping in mind the terrain and the weather conditions, you can rely on this in outdoor adventures. It has a size small enough to fit into the hunting backpack without any other essentials. This model is worth the money to capture aesthetic shots of outdoor adventures.
[4.3 out of 5]


  • Stands the tough weather conditions
  • Captures high-quality videos and photos without using a mount
  • Quick charging ability
  • Offers Android connectivity for smartphone users


  • The 2-inch touch screen display can be sometimes unresponsive

GoPro Hero Session (Entry-level option):

According to GoPro, this product is suitable for entry-level hunters due to its simplicity. Until and unless you use it, you will be completely fooled by its tiny 2.56 ounces weight. It is a grab and go product. It is a great gift to younger siblings. All you need is to press one button without any further prompting and viola. To create a time-lapse recording, hold the “on” button for a few seconds.
GoPro Hero Session is not much advanced, but it is right up the alley for someone who is not sure about over-to-top, high-end products. My younger brother loves this GoPro camera. The camera itself has a video quality of 1080p60 and photo quality of 8mp. For its small size and price, the image quality is breathtaking.
Without needing any housing, it can handle up to 33 feet of depth in water. It can handle extreme weather conditions too. Still, I would recommend using a protective case (always better to be safe than sorry, right!). It is a great companion on long hunting journeys since it has a storage capacity of 12 GB.
It has a non-removable battery with a life of about two hours. The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology features as well as the LCD screen, make it a versatile and stealthy product. Because of plenty of adjustment features, it is a perfect investment for starters.
[4.4 out of 5]


  • The best option for beginners of action photography
  • Lightweight and waterproof
  • Low-profile design made for always-on operation


  • Battery life is short, and you cannot switch batteries since these are not removable

GoPro Hero 6 Black (Up-to-date option):

In September 2017, GoPro Hero 6 Black was added to the GoPro’s hero line cameras. It is by far the most improvised version of the GoPro cameras on this review list. Make a social media-worthy post by its Quick Story feature. After connecting your GoPro app, it automatically sends video footage to your phone. It has a unique feature which is a live video focusing screen on the back of its body. This allows you to see the hunting footage and make a better shot .The camera offers top-notch video with 4K60 and 1080p240. It has high stability, whether mounted on a stand or handheld. It is thus making a shot smooth like butter. It comes with three microphones and GPS options. These features give a crystal clear audio and mapped out location. You can transfer and edit your videos much faster due to its fast Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.
[4.4 out of 5]


  • Three microphones feature designed for high-quality audio
  • GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features to help out in the long journey
  • The Quick Story feature transfers the footages directly with great ease


  • The Quick Story feature limits the video footage to 60 seconds which is sometimes frustrating

My experience with GoPro:

The inventions of rangefinders, flashlights and high-tech GPS machines have brought a huge change in the hunting field. Since the evolution of hunting with technology, it seems like people are getting used to the idea of filming their hunting experience. I have been filming my hunting expeditions for the past three years. I like to record the moments whether it’s a perfect shot or a missed one. Sharing these memories with friends and family is worth the effort. Being a veteran, I wanted my videos to look as professional as my hunting skills. GoPro cameras have allowed me to capture the moments which always seemed impossible with a mobile camera. 

Is GoPro really worth it?

Yes, GoPro is really worth it for many reasons. One of the main reasons why people prefer GoPro camera is its waterproof feature which does not need housing. It tolerates all the tough and rough conditions. It is wearable. You can choose different models for different needs. GoPro is great at creating time-lapse and high-definition photography.

Is GoPro better than iPhone?

Although an iPhone, DSLR camera and other smartphone cameras can do all of the above high-quality photography, you never have to be too careful when using a GoPro as compared to others. GoPro has been able to maintain its position as a “default outdoor action camera”. One cannot even imagine using his iPhone when mud and dust are calling. So, a GoPro is definitely the best option if you are willing to capture your adventurous journey. What is the advantage of GoPro? The biggest advantage is what it offers at its portable size for an affordable price. You can mount it on your bike, head, chest, arm, wherever you want. It has a high-quality image and video results too. GoPros are rugged and easy to use.